How to Become a Successful Advocate

This is how I believe one prepares for the riggers of being an advocate for change. I’m no expert, but it’s a starting point.

1. Learn your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of your country so you can know when authority is crossing the line and deal with it efficiently.

2. Learn how to be influential.

3. Select a specialization/cause and become an expert on it. Read everything you can get your hands on, watch every program, documentary and news broadcast. Attend all the rallies, debates, fundraisers and events that you can. Observe closely. Break it down for yourself until you know it inside and out.

4. Work on your debating skills.

a) Fully understand the issue

~What you are for/against/faced with

~The politics, history and law involved

~The controversies and how to effectively navigate them

~The facts/science behind it

~The bs

~The possible solutions and what they will entail/cost

b) Know your opponents

~ What are their points, their strengths, their weaknesses?

~ How will they respond to your points?

~ How should you counter them?

c) Write out your points

d) Prepare for battle

5. Know enough about the world to be able to gauge their reactions and adjust your wording.



~ Laws

~ History

~ Geography

There is probably more to it than that, but hopefully that  will give you enough of an idea to get you going.



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