April 19, 2014


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December 16, 2012

CSUMB Rally Footage

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This footage is quite obviously amateur and I wish I could have done a better recording of the event, but here it is for those of you who could not attend.

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November 21, 2012

CSUMB Rally Reminder

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Please remember the CSUMB Rally is tomorrow at 3pm in front of MPP Laurie Scott’s office (14 Lindsay St N, Lindsay, ON). The more people that attend, the louder our message. Please bring signs and if you wish to say something there, I will be opening the floor after our scheduled guests are finished speaking.


November 2, 2012


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The Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit is important to the health and wellbeing of many low-income families on social assistance programs. Currently the government plans to eliminate this vital program, the result of which will be an increase in homelessness, increased burden on our healthcare system and a decline in a family’s ability to get off of assistance. We must act now to prevent this catastrophe!

Here are a couple of links outlining the changes we are protesting against;




Join us in front of Laurie Scott’s office at 14 Lindsay St. N. Lindsay, ON on Thursday November 22 at 5pm. Bring a sign if you can and please remember that this is to be a peaceful protest.

Thank you in advance,

Jenny Smith.

September 29, 2012

CSUMB About to Get Slashed… Many to Suffer!

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 PLEASE do not ignore this if you live in Ontario… many families who are UNABLE to “go get a job” (as they are DISABLED) will SUFFER HORRIBLY if this goes through. Think about it; chances are that YOU know someone that this will affect! Do you care about them enough to write an email to your MPP?
Dear Friends,

Please take a few minutes today – RIGHT NOW – to join in with many others across the province to help those living on limited income. Recently, the provincial government reduced discretionary benefit funding and on January 1st, intends to completely eliminate the Community Start-up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB).

The effects will be devastating.

 Discretionary benefits include things such as bus passes, transportation to medical appointments, children’s recreational program fees and for infant supplies (including car seats). CSUMB helps with last month’s rent, moving expenses and furnishing an apartment. Without this funding, those with the lowest incomes will not receive last month’s rent when needed or assistance to purchase beds for themselves or their children. This funding also will impact emergency funding to prevent disconnections of hydro / heat / utilities. Think of this as ‘Fresh Start’ money. Think about this: As of January, a single person who is in a homeless shelter will receive just over $200 a month. They will have approximately 6 weeks to find housing. The average room rental is $400 and almost all landlords require first and last. That’s $800 they will need which does not include the cost of a bed or pots and pans or the transportation fees to move their personal belongings. It is very clear that the elimination of CSUMB will have a ripple effect in our communities as people have no where to turn for help.

Pick up your phone RIGHT NOW and call your MPP.

Kawartha ~ Haliburton ~ Brock:

Laurie Scott
Phone: 1-800-424-2490
Address: 14 Lindsay Street North, Lindsay

Whitby ~ Oshawa: Christine Elliott

Phone: 905-430-1141
Address: 101 – 114 Dundas Street East, Whitby

Peterborough: Jeff Leal

Phone: 705-742-3777
Address: 236 King Street, Peterborough

Whitby: Jerry Ouellette

Phone: 905-723-2411
Address: 170 Athol Street East, Oshawa
Leave a message asking that the province restore this critical funding and cancel the cuts to the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit.

Thank You!!!

Please forward this message far and wide. It is part of a province-wide campaign.

(Most of this message is from an email I received the other day and is therefore not my work)

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