Personal Mission Statement

I am an agent of change, a defender of justice in all it’s forms. Oppression, fear and greed must reign no more! I shall not rest until all is right with the world!

I shall help to develop true freedom and social and economic justice in my community and the global community. I shall uphold the good and just therein and instill a sense of responsibility, healing, pride and love for self, others and all life in as many as I can reach.

People of all races, cultures and beliefs, both men and women, of all ages, and of all persuasions shall make peace and shake hands. All shall be treated and paid equally. None shall impose upon another their own agendas. We must take back the Earth, our utopian home.

We are the present; the responsibility falls to us. Our children are the future; whatever we do not accomplish, falls to them. Whatever we destroy or plunder, they shall suffer for. Let us lift that burden from their shoulders now, and place it right where it belongs; upon us. We must do this, that they might live free of our misgivings, and join together in this community; our Earth.

Crystaline Goddess.