My Adventures

I am a very diverse sort of person when it comes to my interests. Some of my hobbies include reading, playing video games, watching anime, superheros and of course, adventure. I enjoy outdoor activities and adventures such as hiking, boating, camping, cycling, swimming, tobogganing, skiing, 4 wheeling, rock climbing, and some I would like to try are spelunking, hang gliding and geocaching. So I  thought I might share some of my adventures with you.

I plan on adding to this page as the stories return to me. Hopefully at some point, I will have something more recent to add.

Georgian Bay


(I got this image from Photobucket. It was uploaded by Tony_Citta)

As a kid I boated a lot. We used to “go to” (by which I mean head toward) Georgian Bay every year for two weeks. One year we actually made it across;

We got there, shopped, spent a couple of days and headed back. On the return trip, the water was very rough. I sat mostly below deck, infallibly believing in my immortality, as teens often do, making a gimp bracelet. Above, my parents were panicked, as they were alternately surrounded by a 360 degree wall of water, and then on the crest of a wave, looking desperately for shore (which, for the most part, was not apparent). My mom now refers to these waves as “seven foot swells,” which I cannot confirm or deny; they very well could have been. We inevitably made it back in one piece, as I knew we would (again, teen immortality), and I don’t recall ever making it back there again.

The Helicopter Ride

The Port Of Orillia – Aerial Views –

Again, we were out boating, and, as best I can recall, headed toward Georgian Bay. We had stopped over in Orillia, as we always did. While we were there, they were offering helicopter rides from the pier for $5. My parents gave me the money, and went along to see me off.

I got into the whirring machine, among the other tourists and it took to the air. We soared high above the city, exploring a vast expanse of it from a bird’s eye view. The thing that surprised me the most, was not only how the vehicles below resembled dinky cars, but as we flew above the water, I could see the depth of the different parts of it by colour!

Now I’ve never taken to the sky since that day (mostly for lack of opportunity), but I believe that I will always remember that flight.

The Boat

I suppose since a lot of these stories are nautical in nature, I should give you a little more to go on; there have been a few versions of this vessel; I mostly remember the older one with all of the wood. I believe that was the 25 footer. It may have been a Carver, but I can look into that.

When it came to naming the boat, my parents were very indecisive. When asked the name of it, they would reply “I dunno.” But, eventually they did come up with a name; Dunno.

I think this is Dunno 1

Which would make this Dunno 2

But this is definitely Dunno 3.                                                                                                                                         You can’t really see it, but there’s a lot of wood on this boat (windows, rails, doors, etc.)

The Tornado

I really can’t remember where I was for this one, but again, I was boating.

It was day and we were in a covered slip, either staying, or having stayed the night, I believe it was the latter. The sky grew dark and one of the clouds began to spin; my parents didn’t like that.

From what I remember I was returning from the bathroom as it decended. I could’nt make it to our slip, so I went to the closest one, next to a houseboat. Most were taking shelter on their boats and I could see my parents doing the same.

I held on to the post that held up the roof thinking this was awesome (see teen immortality above), but the house boaters and my parents were trying to get me onto the houseboat, to which I replied something to the effect of “I’ve got this pole, I’m fine!”

Suffice it to say, my reply was not accepted and I was brought aboard the house boat with some random strangers and watched the storm in awe from there.

When it was all over, our boat had no damage, as the tornado hadn’t touched it and we all went out to survey the damage. It seemed minimal to me, but then I was more interested in the storm itself.


I remember that day very vividly; my daughter was due to be born Sept 11, 2001, but came one week early. I got home from the hospital Monday night and woke up on Tuesday to coverage of the attacks plastered all over the news. I was horrified and (seeing that this was happening on North American soil) convinced that I had just had a baby only to die in WWIII with my newborn in my arms – one thing I was glad to be wrong about.

The Theater Bat

External view of the Academy Theater from

This story puts me in my early twenties, mother to one small girl, working in an experimental social program at the Academy Theater in Lindsay, ON Canada (as one of the guinea pigs). We had named ourselves Stages: The Collective Masks and we performed all kinds of theater related tasks in an attempt to prepare us for the world.

I don’t remember exactly what we where doing at the time, but we noticed during a couple of performances that there was a bat flying around at the ceiling just above the seating. Luckily, the ceiling is so high that I don’t think the patrons noticed.

An interior shot of the Academy Theater from

Somehow it had ended up in the lobby and I heard a big guffaw going on in there, so I rushed out to satisfy my curiosity. When I arrived, the others were debating on how to remove the small critter. It was a Little Brown Bat and didn’t seem overly menacing to me (I didn’t lose my ‘immortality’ until one of my cats died a few years later).

It flew into the section between the lobby and the front doors and landed atop them. I then rushed over to the ticket lady and asked for her mittens, as they were very thick and made of leather (I may have thought myself immortal, but I still realized I could get rabies). So putting on the gloves I climbed onto a chair and gently grabbed it, bringing it down very carefully. I brought it over to show the others as it viciously tried to gnaw my hand off, which I found absolutely adorable! Not many shared in my adoration.

At this point I knew that I had to take it outside and set it free, so I set out for the alley. Placing it down gingerly I said a few parting words to the bewildered animal and silently hoped that the bitter cold wouldn’t claim the poor little thing. Upon arriving inside I promptly returned the mittens and set back to the task at hand. I still wonder if the little guy made it.

Finding the Covenant ~ Halo Reach Event

Last weekend, Kyle and I went to TO for a Halo Reach event. We weren’t exactly sure what we were in for. We had to go from place to place by means of coordinates sent by Microsoft and ‘find the Covenant.’

To start we headed for Queen and Soho, where we suspected it would start.  We got this idea from , but that turned out to be the ending point. We got one block away and then the coordinates for Yonge & Eglinton were tweeted by UNSC_INTEL; that was over 20 blocks away!!!

USNC beacon set up at Queen and Soho

We walked for quite a while and eventually decided to take a cab. By the time we got there they had headed off to the next point already down the street at Bloor, so we hopped another cab, arriving shortly after this.

The Covenant turned out to be two guys in purple Halo shirts with a cell phone and a mini laptop. We lined up, and they congratulated us for finding the covenant, and gave us each a sticker and some dog tags and entered us into a draw for a special edition Halo Reach XBOX 360 console. At each point we would gain another entry into the draw. Soon they jumped into a car and headed off down the street.

Thinking the next  point was again down the street we headed off in that direction. This turned out to be correct, as the next coordinates we received were down the street at Yonge & Dundas. But before we reached this point, it began to rain.

Having planned for this eventuality, we pulled out our umbrella, which turned out to be broken to the point of being useless. This lead us to duck into a backpack shop and purchase two new umbrellas.

From there we figured they would head down to Yonge & Queen where we slipped into The Bay to browse while awaiting the announcement of the coordinates. However, at this point they switched it up on us, going instead to Bay & Dundas. So we exited The Bay at Bay & Queen and headed up Bay to meet them, but instead, we caught them heading down Bay to Queen, this time on foot.

Ending up back at The Bay, I noticed that they had no umbrellas so I stood next to the one with the computer and helped keep the small machine dry.

We found them much easier to follow them now that they were hoofing it, so we arrived at the next two points at University & Queen and Queen & McCaul without fail.

At one point, since we had two umbrellas, I offered to loan them one, but they declined, as they were not allowed to accept or even borrow anything from anyone, so the one guy held the small laptop under his shirt for most of the rest of the trip. At the second last point we went on ahead, as we knew the final destination.

Arriving at Queen & Soho, we noticed the covenant’s previous driver video recording our arrival from a small parking lot where the beacon had been set up for the Toronto Covenant attack  September 4, 4:00-10:00pm (which we will be attending). Once they arrived ,the final battery for the laptop had died, so they couldn’t give us our final entry into the draw, so we just took a bunch of pictures and went back to Kyle’s parents’ home in Hamilton to rest up for our drive home the next day.

Here’s me at Queen and Soho with the USNC beacon and the CN Tower in the background

And here’s Kyle (you can see one of ‘the Covenant’ over his right shoulder)

Next weekend promises to be a blast, as there will be a game of laser tag with guns (each totaling somewhere between $1500 and$2000) so real, they got held a t the border! Actors will be dressed up as members of Noble team and possibly the covenant forces.  Also, they will be having consoles set up to test the game before its release on the 14th. With the proof of pre-order and the dog tags we will be getting a VIP experience! I will update this page again to let you all know how it went!

Halo Reach VIP Experience

We arrived at Queen and Soho for the event at about 4:40pm; it started at 4. There was a fenced off area with a couple of small tents and one large one set up. They had a diet coke truck giving out small glass bottles of their product and offering a sign up for a draw.

The line wrapped around itself 4 times, went around to the back of the parking lot and then started going back toward the front again. A few minutes in the line and I suggested to Kyle that perhaps there was a separate VIP lineup, so I held our spot while he went to check. Soon he returned having noticed no other line. We stayed in line for about an hour, saw Master Chief making his rounds and soon a couple of girls in military outfits came up to us and told us we didn’t have to wait there because we had the dog tags from the previous event and showed us to the much shorter VIP LINE!!!

We waited a bit, signed a waiver and got sent in. There they had us line up in two lines of six and sent us into the first tent. There an officer ordered us to stand at attention explained the situation and instructed us to sign in at these touch screens. This also counted as an entry to another draw (the results of which will be known at the end of next week). The commanding officer said something regarding if and when we are killed and someone let out a laugh which was swiftly followed by “do you think that’s funny soldier?!” Then we were each handed a Reach t shirt, riled up and sent to the next tent. There we were briefed and sent out to the side of the tent. Again, we were split into teams of six and handed armored vests and were prompted to yell out “covenant killing machine!” repeatedly, as most of the group  was apparently not riled enough for our commanding officer. We were soon lead around the tents to receive our guns and brief instructions on their use.

Then it was time. We rushed onto the battlefield and hid behind baracades, quickly heading toward our goal; a button on the reactor to prevent an overload and I assume a subsequent explosion. I killed at least one, and Kyle slid in beside me. Covenant were falling before us and soon one of our team had made it. Kyle and I had survived!

We were then grouped together for a photo and stripped of our guns and armour. Due to Kyle pre-ordering the game and bringing the receipt, we were then lined up again to fight on the opposing side (one person at a time). While waiting I discovered that Kyle’s knees were bleeding and scraped, but he didn’t mind, commenting that he could now literally claim to have bled for Halo.

Kyle went ahead of me, taking out enough people that his guide stopped firing to give the other players a fair shot. I went after him and soon died, as a pain-filled dying grunt emanated from my weapon.

From that point I took up trying to get as many good shots as I could from the camera in Kyle’s phone while he lined up and eventually played the game for his first time; twice.

Shortly following this, we grabbed our free pop, signed up for the draw and headed home. Man was I tired! All in all it was a blast and yes, the covenant were again guys in purple t shirts!

Due to it being some ungodly hour and my being tired, I’ll add the photos later!

Nayoro Park Cleanup

So I had my cleanup yesterday (Wed. Sept. 22, 2010); what a disorganized mess!

Before the event, the participants were telling me that there was nothing down there to clean up, but in the end we managed to find 5 bags worth of trash and 1 bag of recycling.

When I got down there, I took my before shots and tried to get a meal into me before everyone arrived. 1 of 4 reporters showed up, the one from the weekend paper, shortly after the first participants. She didn’t have long and needed an action shot, but the supplies were late. Luckily, one participant brought a bag, and they got started right away. The reporter got her shots and left.

People started to trickle in, but I couldn’t set up because the table was not brought to the park, and everyone had started without supplies, instructions on filling out the cards, background info, safety rules or anything. At this point I had to track everyone down (they had all scattered by then) and give them the cards, brief instructions and get them to sign the waiver.

Soon the garbage bags arrived, but nothing else, so I sent my daughter, who had just shown up, for gloves. While she was gone the pizza arrived, so most of them went to eat. When she returned with the gloves, I thanked her and told her about the food, so she went to eat as well. Soon I found that one of the girls was stuck half way down a hill, so I climbed up and helped her down.

I went up to where the food was and thanked everyone for coming, as it was a very good turn out (20, not including me) and all were very helpful. I discovered that they had dumped the garbage in a nearby trash can and headed for the food. When I went to check on my daughter who had gone to clean up more with her friend, a bunch of people had finished eating, and some went home while others went and cleaned up the road down to the park, as it was on the way back to our complex.

A couple of people were left and having collected the cards and waiver for me, placed them in my car and went home while I was again checking on my daughter and her friend. By that point, they had stopped, and were playing not far from where I was.

I got her to follow me home on her bike and we went to get ready for the fair parade, which was starting in minutes only a few minutes’ drive form our place. We would have made it on time, but while I was getting her brother ready, she headed back to the park! We had to go farther up the street to see it all, but we finally saw the parade. I’ll be going back to get the after shots from the park some time today. With all of the chaos, I didn’t get any decent during shots or a group photo.

I think next year I’ll talk someone else into running the cleanup, or just join an existing one!

My First ELC Trip

Last Friday (August 26, 2011) I did my first Ecological Land Classification trip. We went to Bonnie Lake and I walked across a bog/fen on the floating grasses and sedges (totally new experience). Whenever I stepped into the peat I risked sinking and a couple of times I did. My boots got all filled up with mucky water because I sank up to my butt. So much for dry jeans… the rest was forest so, not bad… Paul (my boss) was very happy, since we (read: he) found a few rare species of plants which would help to preserve that area from development.  It was a 3.5hr trip with 6.5hrs of wandering  the woods and the bog/fen.  All in all I enjoyed my day… plus I get to do more of that every Thursday until the season ends! 🙂

Many wonderous adventures,

Crystaline Goddess.


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