Me, Personally

I am an Environmental Technician, having graduated in June of 2007. I have two children; a daughter born in 2001 and a son born in 2006.  I’ve also taken at least four different parenting classes for which I hold certificates.

I dislike how corporations, governments and sometimes even people seem to think that anonymity is just cause to mistreat others and how dis-empowered most people feel. I disagree with policies that prevent the poor from moving up in the world, especially when they are trying to change their circumstances. I’m passionate about environmentalism and hope to aid in finding  solutions to the planet’s current woes.

I enjoy nature in many capacities such as  camping, rock climbing, cycling, hiking, boating and four wheeling. I also have a creative side. I enjoy photography, occasionally drawing, singing, writing stories and poetry, and am trying to learn to play guitar (wow is that ever hard on the fingers!).

I hope that this blog and my other pages inspire you to find and follow your true path in life!

Crystaline Goddess.