May 29, 2012

Bill C-38 protest has 13,000 websites going dark across Canada this June (OT)

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By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – Sat, 26 May, 2012

When it comes to politics, Canadians are generally an apathetic bunch. Often, a controversy will brew and within a week or two we forget about it and move on.

It appears Bill C-38 is one issue we’re not willing to let go.

Saturday is the one month anniversary of the introduction of the so-called omnibus budget bill, a 425-page bill that amends 60 different acts, repeals a half dozen others and adds three more.

In addition to the changes to employment insurance,  Bill C-38 includes controversial changes to old age security, more than 100 pages of new provisions to environmental regulations, an important alteration to the oversight of CSIS and significant amendments in laws related to fisheries, food safety, national parks and natural resource projects.

Read more;

Go black;

P.S. (if I can figure out how) Line in the Sand will be going black in support of Black Out Speak Out


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