July 12, 2011

Save jobs: Buy Ontario (OT)

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Emailed to me by the Ontario NDP;

Andrea Horwath is working hard to make Ontario affordable
Dear friends,Over $120 million of Ontario tax dollars for a GO Transit refurbishment was awarded to an out of province company, sending over a hundred good jobs out of Ontario. Although North Bay-based Ontario Northland’s very competitive bid was only $2 million (or 1.6%) higher than the Quebec-based company, the province now stands to lose $7.5 million dollars in tax revenues, a hundred jobs and economic gains to the local communities.

The government must consider Ontario job creation and the economy when awarding contracts.

A New Democrat BUY ONTARIO policy can act to protect good jobs.

There is still time to take action as the reckless contract between Metrolinx and the out of province firm has not yet been executed.

We’re calling on the Premier to stand up for jobs in Ontario and urging him to intervene and reverse his government’s decision to award a $120 million contract to a company out of province instead of Ontario Northland.

Reversing this decision makes good economic sense. It’s time to put public dollars towards job creation.

Gilles Bisson,
Ontario’s New Democrats

Please take a moment now to help us run a competitive campaign and fight to keep jobs in Ontario.

Visit our secure online donation page and make a winning campaign possible.


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