June 28, 2011

Updates on Individuals at Risk (OT)

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From Amnesty International;

hu jia
Hu Jia released yesterday

RELEASED – Hu Jia: Environmental and HIV/AIDS activist in China
Hu Jia returned home yesteday after serving a 3 year sentence. Hu was detained for his outspoken activism prior to the Beijing Olympics, and received an enormous amount of letter-writing support from Amnesty members worldwide. He now faces one year of “deprivation of political rights“, and according to reports, police today are banning access to his home.

Amnesty is concerned by the trend of  the Chinese government putting people under illegal house arrest after they have come out of prison–essentially extending their detention in direct violation of international standards. Since Hu Jia’s arrest, the authorites have not let his partner, Zeng Jinyan, live in peace. We are urging authorities to respect this young couple’s privacy and to ensure that they can now live their lives without fear or worry and have the freedom to spend time together and with their young child free from the constant harassment of the authorities. Read about their case and watch for upcoming action opportunities. 


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