April 27, 2011

Human Rights Agenda 2011: Four Parties Respond, One Remains Silent (OT)

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I found this info on Amnesty’s website and found it to be quite telling about the Conservative party;

Written by: Denise Glasbeek                11 April 2011 5:33 pm

HRA 2011 report cover

Since 2002 Amnesty International Canada has published an annual Human Rights Agenda, an overview of Canada’s role in protecting and defending human rights at home and abroad. On March 31 we released this year’s Agenda:

Getting Back on the ‘Rights’ Track: A Human Rights Agenda for Canada.

More than two weeks before the launch, AI Canada sent seven questions to the five federal party leaders seeking details on what steps they would take to strengthen Canada’s domestic and global human rights. 

Our questions dealt with the following human rights issues:

– the rights of refugees and migrants
– business and human rights
– maternal mortality
– Middle Eastern foreign policy
– protecting the rights of Canadians abroad
– violence against Indigenous women
– implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples (particularly with respect to the Lubicon Cree of Northern Alberta)

We asked the leaders for their responses before March 31 so we could share them along with the Agenda. We received responses from the Green, Liberal, New Democratic and Bloc Québécois parties (below). There was no reply from the Conservative Party by that date despite repeated follow-up on our part; nor has there been a reply since then.

Read the rest of the article;


Read the Party Responses:

Green Party Liberal Party NDP | Bloc Québécois


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