March 22, 2011

WWF’s Earth Hour List: Cities Taking Action on Climate Change (OT)

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From WWF Canada website;

Toronto (March 21, 2011) – WWF announces the top 10 Canadian cities leading the battle against climate change. The Earth Hour List, compiled in partnership with Corporate Knights, highlights positive actions being taken by municipalities to fight climate change.

City Score Rank
Vancouver 8.1 1st
Toronto 7.2 2nd
Montreal 6.2 3rd
Victoria 5.7 4th 


Saskatoon 5.7
Edmonton 5.5 6th 


Hamilton 5.5
Halifax 5.3 8th 


Mississauga 5.3
Yellowknife 5 10th
Each city was ranked out of 10 points, based on specific, climate-change related indicators, including: greenhouse gas emission reduction, municipal greenhouse gas reduction targets, renewable energy, green building and green transportation. Details on the ranking process can be foundhere, quotes from the cities here

Vancouver is a clear leader, with a score of 8.1 out of 10, withToronto and Montrealclose behind. While these cities are leading the fight against climate change and should provide inspiration to all Canadian municipalities, every city has room for improvement.

Read more;

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