February 1, 2011

Egypt Continues Media Crackdown (OT)

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Found on Amnesty International’s website;

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Protests in Egypt continued into a seventh day today as thousands of Egyptians demonstrated against widespread corruption, police brutality and poverty in their country.  The Egyptian government has tried hard to censor its citizens — cutting off internet and phone access — and now journalists find themselves a target in the crackdown on freedom of expression.

Demonstrators have used phone cameras to expose police abuses © Demotix / Nour El Refai

Al Jazeera English said that six journalists were detained today at an army checkpoint outside Cairo’s Hilton hotel. The journalists were held only briefly but their cameras and other equipment was confiscated.

Yesterday, the Cairo bureau of the Al Jazeera network was officially shut down by order of Egypt’s Information Ministry, the network said.

Read more;

Egypt Continues Media Crackdown


The crackdown on freedoms is intensifying across Egypt as security forces use tear gas, water cannons, live rounds and lethal force against protesters.
Pick up the phone and help us call for human rights to be respected in Egypt!


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Regular updates are being posted by Egyptian activists here:

ACCESS campaign for digital freedom in Egypt:


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