January 20, 2011

Violence Against Women – A great campaign by the UN (title sightly modified)

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Sent to me  on facebook;

Barbara-Ann Ryan Pearce January 18 at 3:09pm

I was as shocked as the rest of the country to learn of the woman who was found frozen to death steps from her home. Even more disturbing was the comments from her neighbour. “Neighbour George Cheang said that he heard screaming early Monday, but thought it was JUST A FAMILY CONFLICT. “I thought it was JUST A NORMAL FAMILY ARGUMENT, AND I JUST DOSED BACK TO SLEEP. ” he told CTV Toronto.

It brought to mind the murder of Sonia Veraschin http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca/index.php?topic=3781.0

Her neighbours also heard fighting going on but chose to ignore it. Worse still the Police didn’t comment on that but did comment that “in this day and age some people still don’t lock their doors” Yeah right it’s her fault. Anyway, neighbours ignoring abuse is so typical.

This is so common, that one lifetime isn’t enough to record all similar occurences. Sadly enough, it seems encouraging women to yell FIRE rather than HELP or RAPE still holds true.

This fabulous South African video was part of a compaign against domestic violence. It is very telling. Neighbours complain when the music is loud but ignore the screams of a woman being abused. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW30WslahMc

I also came across this wonderful compaign that I believe originated in India and has been picked up by the U.N. It is called “Ring the Bell” They encourage neighbours (and in particular men), upon hearing or suspecting that a physical or verbal attack is going on, that they simply go and “Ring the door bell.”…ask to borrow sugar, eggs, a hammer, use the phone etc. The interupption usually stops the attack that is going on. As I said before the UN has also joined the compaign. A video with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWma4LykFxY

Here are a couple of the video campaigns. How ironic is it that in Canada there is no commercial or video campaigns going on that I know of yet Iran and India are running these?


Currently our Prime Minister, was so unexplicably awarded the chair on the UN’s commission on Women and Children’s health http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=37096&Cr=women&Cr1
Considering women’s safety is part of women’s health I would like to see him endorse the “Ring the Bell” campaign and to bring a Canadian version here. His punishment after the fact propaganda does nothing…. This at least is spreads the word and is preventive.


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