December 15, 2010

A Major Victory for B.C.’s Orcas (title as originally emailed)

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Emailed to me from Greenpeace Canada;


Help us continue to ensure our oceans are a healthy environment for all our marine species, including BC’s iconic orcas.

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I’m writing to you today with some fantastic news from Vancouver.Last week, a federal court judge passed down a precedent-setting ruling that gives real hope for B.C.’s at-risk residentorcas.

Past government failures to protect orca habitat led to B.C.’s southern resident orcas being listed as endangered, and the northern resident orcas as being threatened.  On behalf of Greenpeace and eight other environmental organizations, our colleagues at Ecojustice filed a lawsuit charging Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) with having “acted unlawfully” by failing to safeguard the critical habitat of these majestic killer whales.

The court agreed with us. Now we must ensure that DFO turns this ruling into real action to protect the coastal waters that are home to the orcas.

Help us continue pressuring the government to ensure the diversity of ocean life is protected.

The orcas’ food of choice, Chinook salmon, is in decline, leaving them hungry in winter months. Increased pollution, marine vessel traffic and underwater noise have added to the orcas’ stress. Ocean environments altered by climate change and other emerging threats like potential spills from oil tankersmake the need for government protection even greater.

There’s no question: this verdict is a major win for the orcas and our oceans. No longer can the Department of Fisheries and Oceans fail to ensure full legal protection for all elements of the orcas’ critical habitat, and a precedent has now been set for the protection of all at-risk species in Canada.

Your support made this victory possible. Greenpeace relies on the support of individual donors like you to continue as an independent voice for our blue planet.

With thanks,
Sarah King
Sarah King
Oceans Campaigner
Greenpeace Canada

P.S. This year, with births outnumbering deaths in the northern orca population, there’s not only new life but new hope for the future of our orcas. With your help, we’ll continue to move protection of our marine species forward.


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