October 14, 2010

Some WWF Updates

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Here are some interesting articles from WWF Canada;

Join WWF’s Living Planet Community

Did you know that already, Living Planet Community members have saved more than 152 million kg of greenhouse gas emissions – the equivalent of taking 25,414 cars off the road for an entire year! Join WWF’s Living Planet Community and become part of a growing community of Canadians reducing their personal footprint and rallying others to do the same.

What actions are you taking?

Thanks for Cleaning our Shorelines

Thanks to everyone that took a few hours of their time to help clean our shorelines and reconnect with nature! This year’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (GCSC), presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, was a great success with tens of thousands of people turning up at their local lake, river, stream and ocean shorelines to rid them of litter. Canadians from every province and territory helped clean up hundreds of shorelines across the country! This experience is not only fun and rewarding for all involved, it also helps the seabirds, turtles and marine mammals that may otherwise be injured or killed by this garbage. Check the GCSC website soon for full results from communities across Canada.

Pin it for the Planet

Thanks to Canadians across the country who drove less this spring as part of Pin it for the Planet. If you decide to try and make it a regular thing, well, you’d keep us and the planet smiling.


Roar for the Tigers!

Tigers are in deep trouble and they need your help! In the last 10 years alone we have lost almost half of all wild tigers. But we don’t need you to sign a petition or send an email… we want you to ROAR!!! (Why?)




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