October 6, 2010

Bosnia probes puppy-throwing girl video(original title)

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Animal rights groups are hunting this girl.

Found on 9NEWS;

05:58 AEST 
Thu Sep 2 2010
AFP with ninemsn

Bosnian police are investigating claims by animals rights groups that a Bosnian girl threw half a dozen puppies into a river in a video that sparked global outrage.

Animals rights group “Flekice” (Spots) filed a complaint to police claiming that the girl seen on the video, originally posted on YouTube, came from the central town of Bugojno, a police spokesman said.(Read more: 4chan users hunt puppy-thrower)

Police in Bosnia will conduct the necessary verifications and inform relevant authorities about the findings, spokesman Sefir Barucija said.

The head of the Sarajevo-based animals group SOS, Velimir Ivanisevic, said his organisation also had information according to which the girl was from Bugojno and the video was made by her brother.

“It is a mirror of society and the fact that young people are doing such things shows how they have been raised,” Ivanisevic told AFP.

He warned that only sporadic cases of cruelty against animals get public attention in Bosnia while numerous brutalities go unreported.

Under Bosnian law a person who kills or tortures animals is punishable only with fines ranging from $21 to $7000.

The 44-second video shows a blonde girl in a red sweatshirt casually taking the squealing black-and-white puppies out of a white bucket and tossing them into the fast-moving river one by one.

The video was removed from YouTube but has been embedded on a number of other sites.

Several Facebook pages have been created dedicated to exposing the girl, who appears to be a teenager.

To see this horrific video;


Facebook group wanting justice;


* Note: there has been speculation as to whether or not this is a hoax; I don’t know the answer, but I really hope it is!*


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