October 6, 2010

Baby Thrown In Front Of Bus In Attack (original title)

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Seven-month-old Tavish Dabedeen was thrown into the path of a double-decker bus in Croydon by two girls

Tavish escaped with only minor injuries. Pic: Croydon Guardian

A horrifying article found on Sky News;

1:28pm UK, Wednesday August 04, 2010

Carole Erskine, Sky News Online

A seven-month-baby has escaped serious injury after being thrown in front of a bus allegedly by a teenage girl in Croydon, south London.

Tavish Dabedeen was snatched from his sister’s arms and hurled on to the road following an unprovoked attack on his mother and sister.

The driver managed to swerve and avoid hitting the youngster, who was then taken to hospital suffering from minor injuries and bruising.

The attack happened outside West Croydon train station on London Road around 7.15pm on July 27.

Tavish’s sister had been targeted by two teenage girls, thought to be from the same school, because she suffers from vitiligo, where patches of her skin lose pigmentation and appear blotchy.

Tavish’s father Rajiv told Sky News: “My son could have been killed. My wife and daughter were attacked in broad daylight.”

The businessman said: “He is OK now but my daughter is still in shock. Physically she is alright but not mentally.

“She doesn’t want to go into town and wants to leave the country and live somewhere else.

“He is lucky to be alive, he hit his head and had bumps and bruises but other than that he is fine.”

Mr Dabedeen believes his daughter was targeted by bullies from her school.

“I want the school and council to do more to tackle this problem,” he added.

“If this had been sorted earlier this may not have happpened. My son could have died.”

A 14-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion on actual bodily harm and bailed pending further enquiries.


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