September 23, 2010

Nayoro Park Cleanup

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So I had my cleanup yesterday; what a disorganized mess!

Before the event, the participants were telling me that there was nothing down there to clean up, but in the end we managed to find 5 bags worth of trash and 1 bag of recycling.

When I got down there, I took my before shots and tried to get a meal into me before everyone arrived. 1 of 4 reporters showed up, the one from the weekend paper, shortly after the first participants. She didn’t have long and needed an action shot, but the supplies were late. Luckily, one participant brought a bag, and they got started right away. The reporter got her shots and left.

People started to trickle in, but I couldn’t set up because the table was not brought to the park, and everyone had started without supplies, instructions on filling out the cards, background info, safety rules or anything. At this point I had to track everyone down (they had all scattered by then) and give them the cards, brief instructions and get them to sign the waiver.

Soon the garbage bags arrived, but nothing else, so I sent my daughter, who had just shown up, for gloves. While she was gone the pizza arrived, so most of them went to eat. When she returned with the gloves, I thanked her and told her about the food, so she went to eat as well. Soon I found that one of the girls was stuck half way down a hill, so I climbed up and helped her down.

I went up to where the food was and thanked everyone for coming, as it was a very good turn out (20, not including me) and all were very helpful. I discovered that they had dumped the garbage in a nearby trash can and headed for the food. When I went to check on my daughter who had gone to clean up more with her friend, a bunch of people had finished eating, and some went home while others went and cleaned up the road down to the park, as it was on the way back to our complex.

A couple of people were left and having collected the cards and waiver for me, placed them in my car and went home while I was again checking on my daughter and her friend. By that point, they had stopped, and were playing not far from where I was.

I got her to follow me home on her bike and we went to get ready for the fair parade, which was starting in minutes only a few minutes’ drive form our place. We would have made it on time, but while I was getting her brother ready, she headed back to the park! We had to go farther up the street to see it all, but we finally saw the parade. I’ll be going back to get the after shots from the park some time today. With all of the chaos, I didn’t get any decent during shots or a group photo.

I think next year I’ll talk someone else into running the cleanup, or just join an existing one!


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