September 19, 2010

Help for Critters

Posted in Animal Rights, Justice tagged , at 10:07 pm by CrystalineGoddess

This facebook group has asked me to post this on my blog to help the animals and I said I would;


This was an ad posted on Craigslist….

Please help these dogs, all need good homes. a nurel marbel (rear breed) beautiful markings, also black eskimo/pomerian who gives kisses and hugs, also black chiwawa loveable, if taken too shelters will kill them, they are all loveing, use too cats and dogs, and possible one friendly dog ok., too good homes please, also kittens who are 9 weeks old, gotogether sweethearts, use too people, kids, animals, too good homes, cannot keep , desperate for homes that is good homes please, also cats such as siblings black/white, who gives kisses, all loveables, friendly, use too cats and people, and dogs , also an orange neutered, a lover, lap cat, with shots too date, beautiful who is 2, also orange neutered lover and black white lover all gives kisses as well, must go together, owner died who are 12 yrs old, use too cats, people, kids, friendlys, and last a calico all multi color female, a loveable who is spayed with shots, a lover, use too cats and kids, or could go too single or couple for companionship desperate, a beauty. will transport too you, help with spay and neuter in 3-4 more months will, help with food and litter when i bring (cats that is) dogs will bring too you if needed, need a yard and hopefully country or suburbs would be great if possible, but not necessary.

I am making this group because Kris is unable to from her phone. ….

Kristen and Rob have taken some of the dogs. But help there is still so much more that can be done. They all need to go to a vet, and be spayed and neutred or adopted. If everyone joining here, gave just $2.00 that would be more than enough to cover the costs of these animals.

The phone number in the original Craigslist ad is not correct, and Kristen has said there are cats at the house too, but she is not sure what is going on with them.

These furry beings are in a dire state and desperately need any assistance that can be given. It would be absolutely heart-wrenching for these lovely creatures to be destroyed merely because they have fallen victim to a declining economy.

Open: All content is public.!/group.php?gid=157750894251952&v=info&ref=notif


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