September 16, 2010

Greenpeace Tells World Energy Congress to Go Beyond Dirty, Risky Oil (original title)

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Found on Greenpeace Canada’s website;

Feature story – September 15, 2010

The McGuinty government’s plan to replace the aging nuclear reactors at Pickering with new reactors at Darlington will block the development of green energy in Ontario. The plan calls for spending $26 billion on new Darlington reactors. Those reactors were supposed to cost only $6 billion. In Ontario, nuclear costs always mushroom out of control.

Ontario ratepayers are still paying off the enormous debts from the province’s first reactors every month on their electricity bills. They will feel the pain of the out-of-control cost increases of new nuclear reactors on their electricity bills.

Spending on nuclear reactors will also drain funding from more affordable and modern green energy technologies.

Using green energy to replace the Pickering reactors would protect ratepayers from skyrocketing nuclear costs. Studies show green energy is more affordable than nuclear. Green energy will protect ratepayers from the inevitable cost over-runs of new reactors and will create thousands of green energy jobs across Ontario.

The goal of our campaign is to convince Premier McGuinty to Stop Darlington and instead build more green energy to protect us from skyrocketing nuclear costs. Take action today!

More information related to the Stop Darlington campaign:

Rock Solid?: A scientific review of geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste

Ontario’s Green Energy Plan 2.0


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