September 9, 2010

Rally for a Clean Energy Future (original title)

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Greenpeace Canada’s headlines today are all about sustainable energy and saying no to fossil fuels. To take a look, visit;

One of these is the following, titled above;

Feature story – September 3, 2010

Greenpeace and more than a dozen other groups are organizing a rally in Montreal to send a message to the world’s energy leaders during the World Energy Congress; September 12 to 16. The world’s big energy companies will be there: Shell, Suncor, Total, Areva, Gaz Metro.

For the energy companies it is an opportunity to do business; sign new contracts; sell more oil, coal, shale gas, dirty tar sands oil or nuclear energy.

We do not want their dirty energy that accelerates climate change and contaminates our environment. It is time to go beyond oil and avoid more BP Deepwater disasters in the Gulf of Mexico, the destruction of Alberta’s Boreal Forest to produce dirty tar sands oil, or the development of gas from shale in Quebec. In Quebec, the Charest government needs to invest heavily in energy conservation and clean energy.

Let us come together to say: enough to oil and gas! Clean energy does not leave marks!

Rally: Sunday, September 12 at 2 p.m.
Place Riopelle (In front of the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the site for the World Energy Congress)

Nature Québec
Le Regroupement citoyen “Mobilisation Gaz de Schiste”
Au courant
Jour de la Terre
Chapitre montréalais du Conseil des Canadiens
Fondations Rivières
Union Paysanne
Syndicat des travailleurs de la raffinerie Shell à Montréal-Est
Association des Médecins Canadiens pour l’environnement
Physicians for Global Survival (Section Québec)
Forest Ethics
Conseil Régional FTQ Montréal Métropolitain
Québec Kyoto
Mouvement Sortons le Québec du Nucléaire
Pour que le Québec ait meilleure mine
Sept-Iles sans uranium
Mouvement Vigilance Énergie
GRAME (Groupe pour la recherche appliquée en macroécologie)

Read the rally flyer

Learn more about Go Beyond Oil


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