July 17, 2010

New Democrats on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) (original title)

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In my inbox;

Thank you for informing me of your concerns about Genetically Modified
Organisms (GMOs).

Over the years I have heard from many people who are concerned about the
impact of GMOs on our health and natural environment. They want their
government to act on the need for proper labeling, farmers’ rights
against patents, and copyrights along with greater control over the
activities of large corporations. New Democrats share these concerns.

New Democrat MP and critic for Agriculture and Agri-Food and Food
Security Alex Atamanenko is taking the lead on GMOs. Mr. Atamanenko has
introduced several pieces of legislation to tackle these technologies.
For more information about his work, please

In addition, you may be interested in the following initiatives that our
team of New Democrats are promoting:

Bill C-474: analyzing the potential harm to export markets be conducted
before the sale of any new G.E seed is permitted –

Bill C-370: mandatory labelling for genetically modified foods –

Bill C-353: ban on the use of “terminator seeds” –




Again, I appreciate knowing of your concerns with GMO products. Please
visit our website at www.ndp.ca to learn the latest about our team of
New Democrats. All the best.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada’s New Democrats


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  1. M.Davis said,

    75 to 90 % of Canadians do not want to eat GMOs, yet our government ignores us. GMOs never even come up in their public agendas – but behind closed doors you can be sure that pockets are filling with Monsanto $$$$. Multinational Lobby groups control our government as sure as you are reading this. Democracy is dead in Canada and the USA, whom we follow like sheep to the slaughter.
    Get Monsanto’s genes off our plates. Ban them from Canada. This is a technology with good uses, but too bad it is being used to control the world’s food supply and make farmers either slaves, or sell their farms to Factory Farming. We don’t want it….we don’t need it….it is unhealthy!


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