July 7, 2010

My Circumcision Rant

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(Does this not look like an IMPLEMENT OF TORTURE to you???)

I got into a bit of a debate on twitter today regarding circumcision; Some guy on the pro side of it was saying that it prevents disease and that parents make decisions for their kids every day.

1. It is perfectly safe to go uncircumcised. It DOESN’T prevent anything that PROPER MAINTENANCE can’t. My son is 4 now and has had no issues with it.

2. Parents do make decisions for their kids daily, but circumcision is not a choice that that child can unmake once they are an adult!

3. If it gets botched, they live with mutilated genitals FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!!! OR they get TURNED INTO GIRLS!

How could ANYONE want part of their penis CUT OFF???? Circumcision should be a choice that a MAN gets to MAKE FOR HIMSELF!!!

I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but I would feel like a child abuser if I had done that to my son! Most times they DO NOT use anesthetic – it’s bad for the baby. And they DO FEEL the pain!!! Being a baby doesn’t make you immune to pain! If you pinch a baby HE WILL SCREAM!!! Now imagine someone CUTTING OFF PARTS OF YOUR BODY without anesthetic;  NOT PLEASANT!!!


An excerpt from;

Erb's Palsy, Nationwide Referral Network of Medical Malpractice Attorneys


Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis.Often in the past pediatricians felt that after infancy it was important to maintain hygiene of the penis by circumcision. Often this surgery has disastrous results, particularly when done by a resident or a doctor unfamiliar with this proceedure. Like any other surgery, circumcision has risks.

They include:

– Excessive bleeding
– Infection
– Complications from anesthesia
-Surgical mistakes, including loss of glans and loss of entire penis
– Death


PLEASE take a look at these articles on the subject

Legal info on botched circumcisions (Doctors get away with this!)


One more link I’ve found on the aftereffects;


Some things just work me up and this is one of them! It probably has something to do with being a mother and LOVING MY CHILDREN!!!

Crystaline Goddess.


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  1. I’ve added another link on the aftereffects of circumcision.


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