June 22, 2010

A Plan for Regeneration (original title)

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Posted by: “odonata02” to a group I’ve joined called Universal Healing Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:24 pm (PDT);

Do you really want to help humanity evolve and heal the planet in the process? Can you visualize yourself as a member of a crack team working side-by-side in a greater organism designed to accomplish a specific goal: providing every poor person on the planet with an opportunity to have a personal source of non-polluting energy, clean water, fresh air, wholesome food, waste treatment & resource recovery – without destroying the planet in the process?

How would you like to be an essential part of co-creating a “public demonstration project” embodying the above, set within a full-scale ecovillage and “sustainable living training center” operated as an “education-based performance arts center”? This will be a “propagator sanctuary”, designed to not only demonstrate sustainable systems and teach people how to build and use them, but also to raise huge sums of money to pay for the creation of another “propagator sanctuary” then a series of ecovillages inhabited by the graduates of our hands-on education program. Each propagator sanctuary creates another before funding more ecovillages. We hope to see a “propagator sanctuary” located in every bioregion. The first one will be called Andor.

The first of many events to occur on Andor will be the FREE SPIRIT JAM – “world’s largest drum, dance, and tribal jam festival” – 2012. At the center of this festival will be something we refer to as “spontaneous improvisation”, a tribal way of making primal music with each other, going beyond anything in the commercial music world. We’ll be explaining more about “spontaneous improvisation” as the undertaking unfolds.

Many hands and hearts are needed to bring a project of this magnitude to fruition: teachers, laborers, musicians, dancers, drummers, performance artists, and a Core Crew. Besides the Core Crew we need people who can dedicate a few hours a week towards the project, networking, promoting, helping find sponsors, procuring materials, and much more. As the project develops we’ll be more specific in describing our needs.

For now, please feel free to share this information with anyone who you think might be interested. Spread the word through your community of friends and family. Encourage performance artists and musicians to contact us, providing us with demos of their work. The remainder of this year (2010) will be spent putting together the Core Crew (see info below), raising seed capital, and procuring the property for the first “propagator sanctuary”. 2011 will be spent preparing the site for opening in 2012. It will be located amongst the green clad limestone hills of Southern Indiana, approximately equal distance from Indianapolis and Louisville, within driving range of Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL.


We are seeking 12 “can do” specialists, dedicated individuals who can handle a tremendous amount of responsibility, doing exactly what is required of them, reliably, on time, without having to be pushed or prodded, without getting a fat head. Transcendental experience of ego-loss and an understanding that we are “the same being in many bodies” is essential.

Once these 12 Core Crew positions (below) are filled we will proceed towards the goal, growing through many stages, learning with and from each other, fine tuning our interactions and becoming more efficient. If you apply for and are accepted into one of these 12 positions, you will play an essential part in manifesting a major quantum shift in the greater body politic. You will become responsible for the lives of many people. You will head up a large crew of volunteers and be responsible for teaching them how to do your job so that you can end up doing nothing but teaching. If you are truly interesting in one of the following positions but do not yet know everything you need to know, there will be a training session. If you think you already know everything you need to know, explain yourself in detail when you apply for a Core position:


1) FINANCIAL – legal records, bookkeeping, public access quarterly financial reports – money in: membership dues, event and class fees, leases, sales, banking – money out: land, insurance, and other bill payments, taxes and legal forms, petty cash, banking – maintain legal archives, membership database, and all contractual paperwork/records

2) COMMUNICATIONS – create and maintain a public access website(s) and Internet-based discussion and announcement groups, generate and distribute audio-visual and printed public promotional materials, press releases, public service announcements, and other media-related promotional materials, create and maintain a telephone-based “events hotline”, provide heralds/criers and parking assistants during large public events, establish and maintain a public mailing address

3) FUNDING/OUTREACH – organize and operate fund-raising festivals, gatherings, workshops, seminars, etc., solicit sponsors for projects, celebrations, and educational displays, book/schedule musicians, artists, workshop presenters, speakers, etc., operate sound, lighting, special effects, and audio-visual systems


1) FOOD SERVICE – greenhouse based agri-aquaculture food production, preservation, cooking: designing and maintaining the ultimate “sustainable kitchen system”

2) POWER SUPPLY – PV, wind, micro hydro, and solar thermal electricity production, biogas, alcohol, and bio-diesel production, energy storage, management, and delivery

3) ESSENTIAL SERVICES – solid waste composting, constructed wetlands gray water treatment, potable water supply, community showers and laundry


1) PERMACULTURE – edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful wild borders and edges, organic food production gardens, herb patches, flower beds, seeding saving, surplus food and herb preservation, provide waste biomass to “Ecotechnics: essential services”

2) AGRIFORESTRY – fruit and nut orchards, sacred groves, wind breaks, shade and border trees, tree nursery, woodlot and sawmill, bee hives, bat and bird houses, wild forest animal habitat

3) FIELDS, PATHS, AND ROADS – campground lawns, fire/cooking pits, parking lots, roads and paths, roadside drainage ditches and culverts, materials recycling stations and storage, provide waste biomass to “Ecotechnics: essential services”


1) ELECTRONIC HARD & SOFTWARE – computer hardware and software, automation systems, community and stage lighting, sound delivery systems, “staff to staff” on-site personal communications systems, on-line technical library including active links to other pertinent on-line libraries and databases

2) TOOLS & MECHANICS – maintain in working condition and check out/in all hand and power tools, maintain mechanical elements of all automated systems and special effects, create and maintain an internal on-site human/materials transportation system

3) SHELTER SYSTEMS – in conjunction with the related spheres: design, construct, and maintain all on-site public access buildings and structures with the exception of the “ecotechnic” greenhouses, inspect and certify plans and construction procedures of personal dwellings

Would you like to know more? To get on our emailing list, send an email to aeonlaunch@yahoo.com and we’ll add you to the growing list of interested people. If you wish to apply for a Core Crew position, contact our project facilitator (Jade) at jdragon@faeriehillfarm.com. Include which position you are applying for, what skills and talents you bring to the table, and why you think you would be the best person for the job.


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