June 14, 2010

VIRAL VIDEO! The VERY REAL danger to HUMAN life from the Oil spill disaster! (original title of video)

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If you live in the US, PLEASE PLAY THIS!!!

The EPA tested the air (and this is being blown onto the shores) and found Volatile Organic Compounds; dangerous levels of hydrogen sulphide 1200 PPB (5-10 PPB is safe), benzine 3000 PPB (0 is safe), methylene chloride 3000-3400 PPB (61 PPB is safe) in the air right now! This can kill people and unborn babies!

On top of that, the dispersant they are using in the cleanup, Corexit, has been banned by many countries, discluding the USA, “despite the fact that it has been rated less effective and more toxic than many other EPA-approved dispersants.” (a direct quotation from http://pagingdrgupta.blogs.cnn.com/)

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Stay safe,

Crystaline Goddess.


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