May 28, 2010


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So I took my 8 year old daughter out at lunch today to get some blood work done and get 2 gifts for her 2 birthday parties she’s going to this weekend. We finish up, get into the car and the parking lot’s a bit backed up and an older couple drives in and seemingly gets a little disoriented and stop moving forward, blocking me from going left to get out and this little car behind them from getting in.

They’re in the parking lot, not forcing anyone to stay on the road. In the car behind them is a young couple, early 20’s and they both just lay into this poor man! I mean they’re dropping the F-bomb and everything! And it’s hot out, so I have my window open and we can hear everything.

I can’t stand this. Yes, they are blocking me off, but NO ONE needs to start yelling obscenities at an elderly couple in a Giant Tiger parking lot! So I start yelling back, and when I get worked up into an advocate’s tizzy I lose most of my composure, so I’m yelling back “calm the f##k down, my daughter can f#*king hear you A## HOLES!” Not the most moving defense, but what can I say? I just don’t get why they felt the need to torment those poor people, who admittedly would have driven me a little crazy had I not been defending them.

So afterward, as I’m driving my daughter back to school, I explained to her that their behaviour was inexcusable and that I could have handled it a bit better, but when I see stuff like that I just get right up in arms.

Hopefully in the future I can learn to keep a bit more control, but they just pi##ed me right off!


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