May 21, 2010

Sweet success for the Nestlé campaign! (original tltle)

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From Green Peace;

Nestlé has just announced a strong new anti-deforestation policy that commits them to stop using products that come from rainforest destruction, giving the orangutan – and Indonesian rainforests and peatlands – a much-needed break.

Nestlé will identify and exclude companies from its supply chain that own or manage ‘high risk plantations or farms linked to deforestation.’ This would apply to notorious forest destroyer Sinar Mas, and also has implications for Cargill, one of Nestlé’s palm oil suppliers which purchases from Sinar Mas.

You can read more here.
None of this could have happened without the efforts of you and hundreds of thousands of other people around the world. Over the last two months, nearly 1.5 million views of our Kit Kat Killer video, over 200,000 emails to Nestlé, hundreds of phone calls and countless Facebook comments made it clear to Nestlé that it had to address the problems with the palm oil and paper products it buys.
You deserve a huge round of applause for helping us get this break for the orangutan and the Indonesian rainforests! Let’s do some celebrating online – share this victory on Facebook or Twitter!
We’ll continue to keep tabs on Nestlé, to ensure they implement their new policy quickly. Stay up to date with this and our other campaigns by signing up for our e-news.


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