November 19, 2009


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This arrived in my email and needs our immediate attention…
November 17, 2009
SAbles bitumineux: crime climatique

A Message from Bruce Cox, Greenpeace Executive Director

I am writing to ask for your help.
A few weeks ago, nearly 40 Greenpeace activists were arrested in the Alberta tar sands, including me. In our most ambitious campaign ever, we carried out a number of peaceful direct actions against the oil industry, sparking an international conversation on the tar sands.

The activists arrested are facing fines and even prison for their peaceful acts of civil disobedience. We risked arrest because time is growing short and we needed to send a message to world leaders: it’s time to end the global addiction to dirty fuel and embrace a clean energy revolution.
We’re facing thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, research and legal fees and a $1.5 million civil suit. We’re committed to continue our fight for sane climate policies and an end to the destruction of Alberta’s pristine wilderness but we need your helpI’m asking you to make a special donation TODAY, so we can continue to fight big oil and complacent governments.
With their deep pockets, the powerful oil interests have unleashed the full force of their legal teams upon us. Greenpeace has reason to be concerned that the Premier of Alberta has chosen to criminalize the deeds of activists participating in our democratic system by labeling us as terrorists, vowing to punish us to the full extent of the law. This is a chilling illustration of just how close government and industry are in the province.
It’s said that in a time of need, people turn to their friends for help. I’m calling on you – those who have shown your support of Greenpeace by giving generously to our campaigns – to dig a little deeper and help us fight these charges in the courts. Now, more than ever, we need your support.  I urge you to make a special donation today.

Thank you so much,

Bruce Cox
Executive Director, Greenpeace Canada

PS Greenpeace will be in Copenhagen for the UN climate talks in December with our best scientists, strategists and climate change campaigners. Your donation today will ensure we have the resources to campaign on many fronts. Please give generously


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