September 30, 2009

Earth’s Sanctuary

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I have started an online group called Earth’s Sanctuary; and I am going to hold
a documentary screening and discussion in my hometown (Lindsay, ON
Canada) in a couple of weeks under the same name. I aim to teach
people that they are not powerless and invisible; that they just need
to use their voice and rally others to do the same. I am going to show
them how to be heard and acknowledged and I am going to use the group
to fight injustice in all it’s forms.

I am starting out with social and economic justice as these are close
to home for many and will attract more
people. I believe that we need to start out by making things right at
home first and then expanding out to the community and then the world.

I really hope this works too, as I am pouring my entire heart and soul into it!


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  1. crystalinegoddess said,

    This site is now closed.


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