January 7, 2009

Our Children

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It is my firm belief that our children are the future, and what we do for or to them now is pivotal to the future of our society. They need us, and proper behaviour is crucial to model how they might deal with the events in their lives to the benefit of all involved.

Our kids may push our buttons, ignore us or blatantly disobey us, and that is just life. But if we respond inappropriately to events, situations, things and/or people that is what they will notice and that is how they will deal with life. Also I have learned that the more you ignore them the more they will do anything for your attention.

I learned this the hard way. My eighteen month old son drove me crazy, so I tried to find ways to get away from him. That is when it started. I began to leave him in bed for a couple of hours longer in the morning. All was fine for a bit. Then one day I came in to find him and everything around him covered in the contents of his diaper. I got angry. This made me want away from him even more. The more I ignored him and overreacted to the behaviour, the worse it got. This went on for a year. Someone told me not to react to the behavior and give him more attention. I didn’t try very hard to follow this advice at first, but eventually i did. It was difficult and un-rewarding at first but now I am getting results. It has only happened once in the last two to three months, and that incident was my own fault for not checking to see if he was up. I hope this story inspires you in how you interact with your own children.

Crystaline Goddess.


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