December 30, 2008

Planetary 911

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 5:27 am by CrystalineGoddess

Here it is; our planet is in a desperate and precarious state. Years of abuse and neglect have taken their toll and the planet is now striking back.

New environmentally-conscious inventions are finally coming to light and still there are those who resist the change that will save our planet, our children and our souls.

But why?

Are they so entrenched in their ways that they would rather face obliteration than adapt? Do they cling to materialistic ideals so desperately that the welfare of the entire planet seems secondary to them? Or do they wish to simply blind themselves as a means to defend themselves from the ‘inevitable’?

Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter, as we are currently facing the end if things don’t change.

The ice is melting, oceans are warming, natural disasters are becoming increasingly common, and this is all too real to ignore!

Please open your eyes if you haven’t already done so!

Put down your weapons and embrace this challenge that we have placed before ourselves.

If we don’t stand up now we may lose the chance.

Thank you for your vigilance.

Crystaline Goddess.


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